Inquiry on Import Container Return (Cosco Container Lines)

Please contact the depots referred to in the link to schedule the release of a Cosco equipment. Click Here

Container - B/L:
Dear Sirs,

As from Dec/10/2014, Cosco units originating from imports will only be received in our empty container terminals located in the Port of Santos upon submission of a draft copy of the carriage document and a copy of the import container return screen in our website,

Yours faithfully,

Cosco Containers Lines

Type Capacity
DC (Dry Container - Carga Seca) 20 pés
DC (Dry Container - Carga Seca) 40 pés
HC (High Container - Carga Alta) 40 pés
Refeer (Container Frigorífico) 20 pés
Refeer (Container Frigorífico) 40 pés
Open Top (Container Aberto) 20 pés
Open Top (Container Aberto) 40 pés
Flat Rack (Container Aberto) 20 pés