Customer Advisory – Novel Coronavirus

Dear Valued Customers,

We hereby offer you our summary and latest update on COSCO SHIPPING lines’ policies and guidelines on the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus.


Offices & Services

COSCO SHIPPING lines HQ and Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, Xiamen, Hainan regional offices have fully resumed work from February 10, 2020 (Monday), other regional offices including Tianjin, Ningbo, South China and Wuhan are continuously provide services by telecommuting and on duty teams during this special period. For the health and safety of our customers and employees, anti-epidemic measures in all our opened offices in China have already been tremendously enhanced. The service functions and windows of COSCO SHIPPING lines HQ and China regional offices are now resumed in general.


DND Policy

In order to facilitate the prevention and control of novel coronaviruses to better accommodate our customers’ needs in cargo arrangement during this period, we already announced specific policy on container free use on Jan 31, 2020. All import and export additional DND amount incurred during Jan 24, 2020 to Feb 9, 2020 in mainland China will be exceptionally waived.

COSCO SHIPPING pledges to offer customers with favorable equipment policies to tackle the current difficulties. (Jan 31, 2020)

– The additional free use period and your container free time can be added cumulatively; this is to say, the total container free time is your container free time plus the additional one.

– The additional container free time in Hubei area can be further extended by customer application to the time of resuming work. Your application will be handled in time afterwards.

– For other regions outside China, the application of extending free use days or reducing cost could be accepted in case it is indeed caused by slow circulation of documents or failure of cargo pickup in time caused by the epidemic situation.



From Jan.23, 2020 to Feb 2, 2020, below listed LOCAL CHARGE in China mainland could be waived.

-B/L Release Elsewhere Fee

– Amendment Fee in case of changing Original Bill to Seaway Bill

– Amendment Fee in case of changing Payment location

– Late fee of delayed payment

FAQ of what you concerned during the specific period in China (Feb 6, 2020)


Reefer Service

Please be informed that in view of the current Novel Coronavirus prevention and control measures and the extended Chinese New Year holidays in China, which have seriously affected Chinese shipping logistics industry. Some terminals in China are facing severe congestion and resulted in the lack of available reefer plugs. In this regard, COSCO SHIPPING Lines will, in line with the tenet of providing customers with the best quality service, fully coordinate with all parties concerned to solve the problem of reefer containers congestion in relevant ports in China. Please click below link to check details.

Customer Advisory Reefer Advisory – Novel Coronavirus update (Feb 10, 2020)


Global Service Alternatives & Replacement Plan in February

According to the current market situation, COSCO SHIPPING Lines and NEW GOLDEN SEA SHIPPING adjusted the Global Service in February 2020, and formulated a service replacement plan so that you can adjust shipping arrangement in advance. Please click below link to check details.

COSCO SHIPPING Lines Global Service Alternatives & replacement plan in February (Feb 8, 2020)

NEW GOLDEN SEA SHIPPING Service Alternatives & replacement plan in February (Feb 10, 2020)


Services Guideline in Hubei Area

In Hubei area, we continuously provide services to you by telecommuting during this special period.

– Export barge service at Wuhan Yangluo Port

The cargo for transship via Shanghai (YangShan and WaiGaoQiao) are currently being arranged on common feeder services. We suggest you to contact our local office to reserve allocation at least 3 days in advance during this special period of time.

– Booking Confirmation & BL Production

Booking Request & Shipping Instruction could be submitted through website or EDI channel as normal.

Supported by regional virtual operation team, booking confirmation and draft BL could be responded as normal.

– B/L release

If late payment occurs during this special period, please contact dedicated sales representatives for approval of special B/L release process. B/L release can be applied at other offices and the operation fee of B/L release elsewhere can be waived during this special period of time in Wuhan region.

– Truck service

Once the restrictions have been cancelled, the truck service will be available. If you need any assistance, please click below link to check Wuhan Regional Emergency Contact list.

Wuhan Regional Emergency Contact list (Feb 6, 2020)


We will keep you informed of further update to the current situation. For any concern or queries, please feel free to contact our local representative.


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Yours sincerely,