Notification for FAF/BUC collection for LATD service – For shipments to / from Europe

Dear Valued Customer,

According to the sulphur limiting resolution of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), clean fuel with sulphur content of less than 0.5% m / m will used from January 1, 2020.

Please be kindly informed that COSCO SHIIPING LINES decides to implement FAF/BUC for both eastbound and westbound between Europe / Mediterranean and West Coast of South America and Caribbean (TAW) / East Coast of South America (TAT) / Africa (EAF), effective from 1st DEC, 2019 till next notice.

FAF applies to freight of all kinds cargo and spot business with a validity up to 3 months. BUC applies to Mid and long term business above 3 months.


Trade Lane Bound  (FAF/TEU)    (BUC/TEU)  
TAT South Bound EUR 131 EUR 345
North Bound USD 155 USD 408
TAW South Bound EUR 94 EUR 247
North Bound USD 121 USD 319
EAF South Bound EUR 144 EUR 352
North Bound USD 54 USD 133